Normally I would not be a fan of the ‘Reblog’, especially when I’ve just launched my own Blog. That said, I would be remiss in not sharing with my loved ones the experiences of these incredibly engaged and actively awesome leaders who are blueprinting, map-making, and open source communicating their own evolution for those of us who are experiencing these shared visions of a new culture.

emergent by design

How do we form learning cultures in times of accelerating change?

What tools and practices can self-organizing structures implement to become more agile and adaptive?

I just received a copy of a new book by Dan Mezick called The Culture Game, which is all about answering the above inquiry. It touts itself as “the reference manual and toolbox for management “culture hackers,” those innovators and change-makers who are focused on creating a culture of learning inside their team…and the wider organization.”

I’ve known Dan now for the better part of this year, and he’s been feeding me these tips, which are totally changing the ways I approach my own personal growth and development, as well as how I’m interacting with others.

For me, the culture hacking movement really gets to the essence of how to build/become a learning organization and transform the future of work.

Below are the 16…

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